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Naturally Raised Beef From Our Farm to Your Plate

Thank you for visiting! Here at Northern Limits Farm, we’ve gotten back to the basics. Located in Canton, NY, we are a grass based beef farm that strives to produce a quality, naturally raised product. All of our cattle youngstock are either born from our home beef herd or are assembled locally from select farms. We do not feed antibiotics and no hormones are used on our animals. Thus giving you a highly nutritious, pasture based alternative to conventional feedlot beef you’ll find in your local grocery.

Our Story

We purchased our farm in Saint Lawrence County in 2006 after moving north from the Northern Catskill Mountain region of New York. I began raising beef cattle in 1997 at my parent’s farm in Andes, New York.  As much as my wife and I loved living in that area, the rocky acidic soils and inflated land prices made entering farming very difficult. The agricultural infrastructure was also leaving and we decided if we were going to make a life centered around farming we needed to make a move. I had spent time up in the “North Country” during and after college and had liked the area.

The farm we purchased was in Canton, New York which is located in Saint Lawrence County, about as far north as one gets in this state (it was named Northern Limits Farm for a reason!).  It was a former operating dairy farm that needed some real TLC! (especially the 100 year old farmhouse!) We spent the first few years cleaning the place up and building fences. We now have a wonderful rotational grazing system and have produced many great cattle over the years which have sold all throughout NY and the Eastern US. Additionally, we have been selling finished meats and home grown produce throughout the years at direct prices to our customers.

My wife is a veterinarian and we both share a love and passion for cattle and farming. We have 2 children, a daughter Emily and son Liam. They both love growing up on the farm and helping out. In 2019 we began growing hemp for CBD oil with our great family friends the Laubschers from Potsdam. Our home grown CBD products are available at Grasse River Hemp. Additionally we are going to begin selling our own grass fed milk from Jersey cows that are from Amy’s family’s 4th generation dairy herd. Coming soon!!!

Know your food!

Did you know that less than 2% of our country’s population are involved in agriculture today? When many are asked where their milk, meat and produce come from, they say the grocery store. It is a fact that each year consumers lose more touch with their food sources and the agricultural supply. Did you know that the US imports beef, milk and produce from foreign countries, mostly Latin and South America, that do not have to adhere to our strict food safety guidelines? Have you ever wondered what journey your food takes on its way to the shelf in the local grocery store? This uncertainty is a driving force behind our farm and our farming techniques. Northern Limits Farm strives to reconnect the consumer with the farmer, letting people feel more secure knowing what they are putting on their plates and in their bodies is 100% home grown American beef.